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I consult on a broad range of topics from product ideation and market fit, branding, digital marketing, events, and more. If you have an idea I can help you make it come to life. If you have a problem I can help you find a solution.  The best next step is just to reach out and see if I'm the right fit to partner with on what you are looking for help on. 


 work as a freelance marketing strategist for small to medium-sized businesses in the arts. I help clients develop strategies to fit their goals and available resources with a strong focus on marketing automation. My niche is 9 to 12-month launch strategies and hands-on support for the launch.

Launches can include:​

  • Marketing strategy

  • Branding

  • Website and blog strategy, management, and content creation

  • Media relations, both inbound and outbound, including print, broadcast, and online media

  • Social media strategy, management, and content creation

  • Search engine optimized content creation for written, photo, video, and audio

  • Email marketing strategy, management, and content creation

  • Target audience/product-market fit research and analysis

  • Paid advertising and sponsorship strategy and management

Content Creation

I love to make content! You can hire me for:


If you want to make a living from your art you have to make it happen. Waiting to be discovered or hoping someone is going to come along and launch you into success will not happen for most artists.

Most artists CAN make a living from their passion if they are willing to make a plan and work that plan. 

Not knowing how to get started or what to do is only a reasonable excuse for so long! It’s time to invest in learning how to market and run a business.

Nearly every person I work with starts by telling me they just aren’t good at this stuff. You haven’t had a chance to learn the skills but you can be good at this and I can help you.  

My coaching plans are built on a 6-month lifecycle. My goal is not to coach you forever. We will focus on building a strong foundation for your business and developing your entrepreneurial mindset. These skills will set you up to tackle your growing business for a lifetime. My most common packages range from $250 - $500 a month but I can create a customized plan for your budget needs, just use the contact form below to get started.  

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