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Nikki Marie Barron

I used to think the only way I would achieve financial success was to sacrifice my creative aspirations. Everyone, literally everyone, my parents, my (ex)boyfriend, my college professors, media, they all sent me the message that climbing the corporate ladder was the only way to secure life and my happiness was just the cost of that security. They were 100% wrong. 

In my first year as a freelancer, I more than doubled my income. In my second year, I had saved enough to buy my first home. I don’t tell you this to brag; I want you to believe me when I say financial success can be achieved as a creative, freelancer, or small business and I can show you how because I've done it.

So, you’re probably wondering about the silly name. kittenteeth was the name of my freelance creative agency. We were small but sharp (get it?!) and helped clients in Seattle, as big as Liquid Planner to ones as small as local Seattle musicians, grow. Working with me means you’ll learn all the techniques I used to grow their projects and my own, to grow yours. 


I work with

  • DIY Musicians

  • Graphic & Visual Designers

  • Photographers & Videographers

  • Audio Engineers

  • Music Teachers

  • Writers

  • Fashion & Jewelry Designers

  • Authors & Speakers

  • Nonprofit Arts Organizations

  • Music Venues, Restaurants, Bars & Event Spaces

on launches, initiatives & campaigns. 

Clients &


Scott Johnson

“Not only has she given me concrete goals and methods to get people through the door, but Nikki has also helped me develop my marketing mindset. It has given me the tools to think of the big picture for my music lesson business. Marketing makes sense now.”


Chad Syme


Companies survive by their marketing, and brands can not exist without it; simply put, businesses don't survive without people like Nikki. I worked with Nikki at Mastin Labs, providing creative support for her role as head of marketing. From her first day, Nikki's presence was transformative for the company. She came in with ardent leadership, focus, and a work ethic and capacity for tasks I've never seen before - leading the company forward to yearly revenue growth and the rise to a leading brand in its market.

Finding new ways to bring people together, she fostered Mastin Labs' mission to educate and empower the global photography community.

I hold great admiration for all she does and accomplishes outside of work; she champions the underrepresented, helps artists to be heard and seen, and offers guidance to others in many ways. The scope of her character amplifies her work, inspires compassion, and brings a wonderfully social environment to the workplace.


Sarah Gerritsen

“Nikki of Kittenteeth has been such an incredible asset to me and my business. She is extremely talented listener; I love the way she gathers all the pertinent information on my upcoming projects before she helps me move them forward… I have referred so many people to Nikki and all of them have been just as impressed as I have.”

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